My Archetype Story

From an early age I was fascinated by the naturally formed patterns, colours and textures in geodes and crystals. Fossicking for gemstones in river beds and unearthing ancient thunder eggs during school holidays, set me on the path of buying a handful of garnet and rose quartz beads and making my first silver bracelet as a teen. Evening silversmith classes and a school job at a large jewellery chain gave me insight into two different worlds; one of handcrafting unique pieces slowly and the other of mass producing. Having a love of nature and a passion for sustainability and recycling, the foundation was formed for making limited editions using reclaimed metals.

My jewellery journey took a long detour, leading me to college qualifications in fashion design and business, living a life in London as a fashion editor and creative director, qualifications in physiology and anatomy, reiki and energy healing and working in global merchandising and national sales management. From this I learnt enough to know who I am and what I stand for; integrity and fair practices, creative expression and personal power. After shutting the door to the corporate world and with ideas for my own heart-centred ethical business, I re-immersed myself in learning the artisan techniques of lost wax carving and jewellery making, took a trip to Tucson to the largest mineral and gem fair in the world and My Archetype handcrafted jewellery came into being late last year.

As an Alchemist Archetype I love the process of transformation and effecting positive change in this world. Legend has it that Alchemists practiced an ancient science of converting base metals into precious metals of silver and gold. 

As an Australian trained Silversmith, Designer and Usui Reiki Master, at the heart of each unique design you will find stunning aesthetics, sustainable ethics and energetically activated gemstones. Each creation is an original handcrafted high-quality piece, ethically produced with recycled metals and natural fair trade semi-precious stones and in limited editions using artisan techniques.

Designs are inspired by archetypes and that at the centre of each human is an archetype at play which allows us to explore different aspects of our personality. Each symbol is personal to the individual and a tool to assist self-discovery and expression.

Thank you for joining me on this journey and allowing my creations to be part of yours.

With gratitude,

Tri Ana xxx

New beginnings in late 2017. Time for a change of scenery and a leap of faith. This three week trip in paradise inspired me to work towards my own creative business, returning to my teenage passion of silversmithing and jewellery making and my love of gemstones and crystals.

The most spectacular gorge in the world. After flying to L.A and then onto Arizona for the largest mineral fair in the world, trekking the Grand Canyon was unmissable.

High on my bucket list, red earth never looked so good. A visit to the energy vortexes in Sedona, climbing Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and hiking the canyon trails.

Cruising on my bike between Santa Monica and Venice Beach in L.A and taking in the long stretches of sandy coastline in the universal flow.

My favourite holy water temple to take part in the ritual purification with the open hearted Balinese people. Starting on the path of Reiki has unfolded a beautiful journey and the meeting of aligned souls making a positive difference on this planet.