Freyja Iolite Sterling Silver Hammered Bangle

Freyja Iolite Sterling Silver Hammered Bangle

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Freyja is a notable goddess in Norse mythology who became famous for her fondness of love, beauty, and fine material possessions and is the quintessential “party girl”. Identifying with this archetype you appreciate exquisitely made beautiful pieces and will want to adorn yourself with these skilfully handcrafted hammered polished sterling silver bangles. Wear singularly or stack for a statement look.
AA Grade semi-precious natural stones sourced responsibly and ethically.
Handcrafted and forged from recycled sterling silver with a hammered polished finish.

Iolite is sometimes referred to as the Viking's compass. With Iolite's ability to help vikings navigate as a light polarizer, it became known as the gemstone of clear vision. It carries the spirit of journey, dreams, exploration and illumination.

* Sterling Silver
* Iolite- 8 x 2.5mm stones
* Internal diameter- 67 mm wide
* 3mm wide bangle and 1.5mm bangle thickness

Made to order. Production time is 8 weeks.

Note. This is fine jewellery with small 2mm stones set on the curved hammered bangle and should be looked after as such. It is designed to be worn occasionally and taken off and stored after wearing. It is not suitable to wear doing active physical activities which could knock and damage the bangle and cause the stones to be loosened and removed.